Magic from Michael Vincent


The other night I was playing at a wedding in central London  when I bumped into TV magician Michael Vincent, who recently appeared on ITV’s  Penn and Teller: Fool Us. He was downstairs performing card tricks for the guests  while I was playing piano in the gallery above.
I asked Michael if he could show me a magic trick and he was happy to  oblige.  He started by rubbing his hands  together and asked me if I could feel the energy coming from him (which I could!). He  then spread out a pack of cards and we each picked one without showing the  other  and popped it back. After giving them a good shuffle he  asked me to ‘feel’ where his card was and take it, while he did the same with  mine. I wasn’t surprised when he picked out my Three of Spades- after all, he’s  the magician- but when I got his, the Ten of Hearts , I have to admit I was astounded!
The evening went very well and  Michael was very complimentary about my performance. Needless to say  I was very impressed by his, too!

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