A solo musician or a band?

When booking their wedding music, people often ask me whether they should have a solo wedding musician (just me on my own) or me as part of a band. There answer is of course that it all depends on what your budget is and what kind of wedding you’d like.
Booking me to play on my own is the most affordable option, but thanks to a technology, it can sound like I have a whole band playing along with me! You can see a video here, but the bit of kit I use is a pedal which allows me to create a live upbeat backing track by layering up samples of the guitar, piano, extra vocals or various percussion instruments. As you can see, having a soloist doesn’t necessarily mean slow, romantic music—but that’s what some people prefer. Perhaps you’re looking for gentle background piano music while your guests sip bubbly instead which of course I can provide, too.
If you’re willing to splash out a bit more, I can perform as part of a duo or bring along three, four of even five piece band. For more information, please get in touch.

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