The importance of music during your wedding breakfast



Having great music at your wedding is one of the easiest ways of ensuring all your guests have a great time. It helps to build a fun atmosphere and keeps everyone’s energy levels up during the day. Of course, as a musician I would say that 😉 But it’s true to say that whenever I start to play, it really does create a great buzz in the room that’s difficult to get from music playing from a CD. People just love live entertainment!

I recently came across an article from wedding planner Lisa Victoria Smith which agrees. In it, she shares her expert tips for making your wedding day a hit with all your guests and among the usual suspects– such as having a free bar and tasty food– she stresses how important live music is—especially during the wedding breakfast. As she puts it: ‘There’s nothing worse than a deathly silent dinner!’
She’s definitely onto something.

In the years I’ve been playing at weddings, I’ve noticed more people booking me to play during the meal in addition to the evening. A wedding DJ or band might be a little noisy when people are trying to chat to each other over the dinner table, but as a solo wedding musician I can play (and sing) songs on the piano and/or acoustic guitar which helps to build a great atmosphere without it being too intrusive. I can even play instrumental versions of pop songs, if you prefer.

As the wedding breakfast is often the time when your guests first get to meet properly, live music acts as a great conversation starter, too. 

So, by the time the evening rolls round, everyone’s more than ready for a dance! That’s when I can use my pedal to build up live backing tracks on the guitar before launching into my DJ set of all the classic party tunes which your guests of all ages will love.

If you’re looking for a wedding musician in Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas for any part of your special day, please take a look at my packages or get in touch.  

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