Karaoke with your live entertainment.

Karaoke night for birthday party with live music. Berkshire, UK.


I don’t just play at weddings– at this time of year especially, I can often be found playing live music for private parties and corporate events in and around Berkshire.
The weekend just gone was a little different, though, as I was asked to run a karaoke night for a chap celebrating his 40th birthday at the Cella Bar in Bracknell’s South Hill Park. It’s not something I’ve done before, but I’m always happy to try my hand at new things so I can accommodate people’s requests. So, of course, I agreed!

The main task was organising all the backing tracks for the songs—all 12,000 of them! As well as having them available to view on the computer up the front, I put the list up on my website so that people could make their selections from the comfort of their chairs. I also played a slideshow of the birthday boy’s favourite photos on the lyrics screen as everyone arrived, which was a nice surprise for him!

At 7:30pm, I kicked off the night with an hour of DJing, followed by another hour of live music on the guitar. Then it was time to pass the mic over to the guests, which I admit felt pretty strange! With so many people wanting a go at the karaoke, I only managed to get this one picture of the venue before the night started.
If you’re planning a special event and are looking for karaoke with live music as part of a complete entertainment package, why not get in touch?

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